Bistable miniature relay TRK 15, TRK 16


TRK 15, TRK 16 are neutral, bistable, remanent, electromagnetic relays for DC coil energizing with one contact system. The great advantage of the bistable relays over monostable lies in continuous operating without energizing. Bistable relays shall be energized with a brief DC voltage impulse, this saves coil energy and reduces operating costs. The self-heating of this relays no longer needs to be taken into consideration, what also enables high density of electronics components on PC board. Furthermore, if the power supply voltage fails, the switching status is maintained.

As a switching element with ability of galvanic separation it is designed to control devices with medium power consumption. It can  be soldered directly into the printed circuit board used in industrial equipment, bureau appliances, data processing, automotive industry, safety devices and for general purposes.

In case of full load on contacts and operating with max. switching rate and max. ambient temperature it is recomended to open the vent hole provided for this purpose after the relay is mounted on the PCB and the cleaning process is completed.

    • Small dimensions 15.6 x 10.2 x 11.5 mm
    • Ambient temperature up to +70°C
    • Coil energizing by DC voltage impulse
    • Washable version Qc/2
    • Non-flammable material V- 0
    • Plastic bars packing
    •  Max. contact current 1.25 A or 3 A
    • Direct instalation on PCB