Miniature Relay TRK 12, TRK 14

Relay TRK 12 and TRK 14 are  neutral, monostable, electromagnetic relays for DC coil energizing with one contact system. Small dimensions and low self-heating of this relays enable high density of electronics  components  on  PC  board.

As a switching element with ability of galvanic separation it is designed to control small power devices in  telecommunication, data processing, computer pheripherals, bureau appliances, measuring equipment and for general purposes.

    • Small dimensions
    • Ambient temperature up to +70°
    • Rated coil power 0.2 W or 0.45 W
    • Washable version Qc/2
    • Max. contact current 1.25 A or 3 A
    • Non-flammable material V – 0
    • Direct instalation on PCB
    • Plastic bars packing
    • UL approval