Bistable Power PCB Relay TRK 28

650 mW rated power (2 coils) or
400 mW rated power (1 coil)
16 A, 250 VAC contact load
5 KV test voltage between coil and contact
Flammability class V-0


Relay TRK28 is a polarized, bistabile, electromagnetic relay for DC coil energizing with one change-over contact system. Small dimensions and low self-heating of this relays enable high density of electronic components on PC
board. As a switching element with ability of galvanic separation it is designed to control power devices in industrial automatisation, automotive industry, safety and alarm devices, office equipment and for general purposes. In case of full load on contacts and operating with max. switching rate and max. ambient temperature it is recomended to open the vent hole provided for this purpose, after relay is mounted on the PCB and the cleaning process is completed.

    • Small dimensions 29 x 12.7 x 15.7 mm
    • High inrush currents with AgSnO2
    • Reduced coil power contacts
    • Low self-heating (impuls energization)
    • Clearance/creepage ≥ 10mm
    • Ambient temperature up to +105°C
    • Direct instalation on PCB
    • High insulation resistance
    • Washable version Qc/2
    • Non-flammable material V- 0
    • Plastic bars packing